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BAF Finance Ecosystem

BAF Farming Game is a game where users use their rich imagination to create their own world.

Farming Game, users can farm anything they want, from trees, things, animals, or even humans. All they need is a Seed , which can be made by voting using BAF utility token, and Plot NFT & Tool NFT, which will be created once a new kind of Seed NFT been added to the Game. Seed will be distributed through BAF Yeild Farming, but Plot NFT & Tool NFT is can only get by Airdrop. Seed NFT can be bought or sold through BAF AMM DEX, and items can be traded into BAF.

Safety first

Project highlights

The address will be disclosed and supervised on blockchain

Relative fairness

Games like Ampleforth are very popular on the Ethereum blockchain

First AMM share trading fees to token holders

There are a lot of AMM such as Uniswap, Bancor, Pancakeswap. But none of them give benefit to token holders (except LPs). BAF will be the first one who share trading fees for both token holders and LPs.

Millions business rely on BAF

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Yeild farming

  • Announcement

    We will start the yield farming function shortly after the lunch. Users can obtain equity tokens by add their BAF into the liquidity pool. Stake equity tokens through the official website will receive BAF and Seed rewards.

  • Advanced Reporting

    On the future, more tokens will be added for farming BAF and Seed. That means the BAF rewards are limited, but Seed rewards are unlimited.


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